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As a full-service digital marketing, web development and design, Carrotive offers top quality web design and development plus a full range of professional internet marketing services. The process of creating and implementing a project is carefully planned and executed whilst following a proven set of steps.

Full Package

Full Package

From designing the website to devising an online marketing strategy. We do everything under one roof. This saves you time and money!

Cost Effective


Our complete packages are affordable for everyone. And easy to use, so you also save a lot of valuable time!

Availability And Reliability

Availability And Reliability

We proactively monitor the status of your website and ensure the website remains easily accessible! We ensure reliability for you.

Technical Support

Technical Support

With interactive training, we show you how to easily manage your website yourself. And we are happy to aid you solve the complex issues!

Customer Service

Customer Service

Our professional and friendly employees set high standards for themselves and are not satisfied unless you are!

Professional Websites

Professional Websites

We know how to combine beautiful design (UI) with excellent user experience (UX). This also makes your company look very professional online!

How much does a website cost?” is a question we’re often asked by potential clients. And the answer we always give is “it depends”. Without a good understanding of what you require it’s difficult to give an exact figure but we’ve realised in time a set fee helps put our clients minds at ease. With that in mind we’ve tried to breakdown the types of websites we normally build and more often than not your project will fit one of these packages. if you feel your business doesn’t fit into one of the cheap website packages below then phone us to discuss it in more detail and we can create a bespoke package for you that is tailor made to your exact website and business requirements.

If you’d like to discuss your project please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



  • Small Catalog, No Custom Programming, Off-the-shelf Theme, Light Traffic.


  • Small Catalog, Light Custom Programming, Customized Theme, Medium Traffic.


  • Systems Integration, Large Catalog, Custom Programming, Custom Design, High Traffic.
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Frequently asked questions
I own a business and I want a website and an online presence to promote my business. What are the steps?

You need a domain name, a web server and a professionally designed and developed web page. You also need the website to load correctly on the server and index appropriately by the search engine…

The cost of developing a website depends entirely on your budget and goals. To learn how much a website costs to develop in detail, click here. To get a price estimate for your website, click here.

What is the common delivery time?

The delivery time is around 3-4 weeks on average. When we create a page, there are many procedures in order to fit your needs, therefore, the time we spend creating the company webpage depends on your demands. On that note, we can create…

No, it is not strictly necessary. Obviously a regular maintenance is required to keep your website running smoothly, such as plugin updates, modifying an image and so forth. You can take on these type of tasks …

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